UpRoar People’s Ceilidh

UpRoar People’s Ceilidh is a bi-monthly folky fulcrum of creative celebration – part concert, part singing workshop, part ceilidh dance, part fundraiser and part community feast – it’s literally an all-singing-all-dancing community shindig!

We’re kicking off the year at Brighton Unitarian Church on Sunday 5th February with special guests Naomi Bedford & Paul Simmonds. Grab your tickets here.


Sunday 5th February 2023

Brighton Unitarian Church, New Road, Brighton, BN1 1UF

‘It’s like a festival in an afternoon!’ – UpRoar People’s Ceilidh Participant


Watch this space for confirmation of UpRoar’s special guests for 2023, or like the UpRoar Facebook page, or sign up to Kirsty’s mailing list.

I’m a life-long Leftie and so Tubthumpers’ flyer was irresistible.  I was delighted from the first session by the songs of resistance – some familiar, some new – with their stirring tunes and glorious harmonies. I felt immediately at ease – everything is skilfully taught by ear, everything is within my range and there’s no need for commitment to be once-and-always soprano (or tenor, or anything else) as Kirsty (gently) encourages us to try singing in different places in the harmony.  Laughing and crying are optional but for me, regular occurrences: laughing often in the warm-ups designed to loosen body and voice (and soul), and crying when the songs, like Three Boats, are unbearably poignant, or when the harmony touches a place of such beauty that the tears are of joy at being part of this.  Tubthumpers brings me into community, a community connecting with other campaigning choirs all over the country, and strengthening us as individuals and as groups by the simple and so-satisfying act of raising our voices together. Brighton Tubthumper participant, December 2015.