Vox Pop Radio

Each month I present Vox Pop, a monthly radio show celebrating vocal harmony and the local (and global, via online) choral community. I play an eclectic mix tape of chorally inspired music and talk with special guests about the why, how, what, when and where of unaccompanied song.

Vox Pop welcomes contributions from singers/choirs from all over the world! If you have an event that is either globally accessible (ie on Zoom) and/or local to Brighton to advertise, please send an audio message (recorded on your phone is fine) to info@hullabalooquire.org. The deadline is the 1st of the month.

The show is premiered on the local Brighton radio station Radio Reverb and sponsored by Hullabaloo Quire. Below you can find all the shows from 2021 so far. For older shows click here.

December 2021

The theme for December’s show is ’Seasons of Love’- a year in the life of Vox Pop Choir Community Radio Show! Kirsty takes you on a ‘best of’ whistle stop tour of 2021, featuring a most venerable guest list: Boff Whalley, Helen Chadwick, the Resistance Revival Chorus, Mahdia Daulne, Vyvienne Long, Deborah Roberts and BREMF, Aneesa Chaudhry and Rainbow Chorus, Juliet Russell, Ellen Muriel, Fran Andre, Molara Awen and The Choir With No Name! So please join Kirsty and guests as she reviews this most unusual year of Rooming and Zooming and socially distanced singing – together and apart.

November 2021

Interview with Alex Proctor from the Choir With No Name. Tracks from This is the Kit, Liane Carroll and The Australian Voices, Rag ‘n’ Bone Man and more.

October 2021

Two interviews. One with composer and conductor Ellen Muriel and another with Molara Adesigbin and Fran Andre from the Natural Voice Network about The ARCHers – the network’s Anti-Racism and Cultural Honouring forum.

September 2021

Interview with Vocal Explosion Artistic Director Juliet Russell. Tracks from Lady Maisery, Bloom, Revolver, Frank Tichelli and more.

July 2021

Interview with Musical Director of Brighton’s very own Rainbow Chorus, Annesa Chaudhry. Tracks from Deep Throat Choir, Bobby McFerrin, Coope, Boyes and Simpson and more.

June 2021

Interview with Artistic Director of Brighton Early Music Festival, Deborah Roberts. Plus, a cornucopia of harmonic joy, including Early Metal fusion, South African harmony, French vocal funk, sun-kissed, souly gospel and much more!

May 2021

Interview with Vyvienne Long. Tracks from Benny Sings, John Mark Harrison, Dominique Fils-Aimé, The Joubert Singers, and Columbian and more.

April 2021

A Zap Mama special including an interview with Mahdia (Anita) Daulne.

March 2021

An extended interview with Anna Rose Menken and Brooke Williams from the Resistance Revival Chorus. Tracks from Resistance Revival Chorus. Kirsty is also joined by folk singer Lucy Ward, fellow choir leader Sophia Efthimou and shares a surreal moment with Michael Kemp about the music of compost!

February 2021

Interview with song and theatre maker Helen Chadwick. Tracks from Helen Chadwick, The Staples Singers, Bjork and The Hamrahlíð Choir and more.

January 2021

Interview with Boff Whalley. Tracks from Commoners Choir, Chumbawamba, David Bowie, Karine Polwart, Oi Musica and more.