This is one of my happiest songs to date! I describe Shine as 21st Century blues. I wrote this song after a friend, who had gone an amazingly exciting global adventure, wrote me a postcard with only the words ‘Shine – without explanation’ on it. She never did explain.

Stitch a Sail

This is a real golden oldie! It has been sung in many incarnations over the years. The words were originally by Leeala and Rachel Buchann, two poets who have published their poetry in We’moon. A call to creativity….get stitching!

Act of Revolution

This song was commissioned by Walcot Community Choir, in Bath, many moons ago – it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship! They requested a song about ‘positive ageing’ – I got the words of the intro / outro from Das Energy by Paul Williams. The song ended up having a slow, reflective dub-vibe.