Different Ships

This seafaring song was written for Sea Sound Sing, a cappella Festival in Brighton in 1998. The lyrics, as well as being a well-known phrase, came from a solidarity song originally written by Betsy Rose. An updated version can be found in the marvellous new book Community Voiceworks published by OUP. I have quite recently found out that this quote is attributed to Martin Luther King Junior!

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Song information

  • Technical:This song is essentially in three parts and you can play with it however you want to - the bassline from Section A also fits nicely over the words for Section 2, for example. It is quite accessible and appropriate for less experienced singers - the harder part is the rhythmic Section A - so you might want to establish the groove by teaching Section B first. Section C is the coda and only happens once, at the end! As my notes suggest, play around with it and see what happens!
  • In the package:5 audio files and 2 PDF files.
  • Genre:Songs for Solidarity, Songs of Celebration, Soulstorm

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