My Eyes Are Opened

My Eyes Are Opened has been sung by community choirs all over Europe! It is more infamously known as ‘The bup bup song (I refer to it as my ‘one hit wonder’).  Not everyone knows, however, that it has a sister song called Yes which is designed to follow straight on from My Eyes. Both songs were originally inspired by poetry by  e.e.cummings’ poem I thank you God for most this amazing  

My interpretation is very different to Eric Whittaker’s! But I love his too!

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Song information

  • Technical:Dramatic 4:4 with minimalist 'bupbups', some funky cross rhythms and block harmony words. This song is a 'mix and match' symphony! There are three main sections - A, B & C - and a coda, but any part will go with any other part: for example, The low A could go with the middle B and the high C sections. You might want to refer to the sections as 1, 2 and 3, rather than A, B & C, so you can hold your fingers up as numbers to indicate where the groups go next!
  • In the package:4 audio files and 2 PDF files.
  • Genre:Songs for Change, Songs of Celebration
  • Mood:Minimalist, Powerful
  • Level:Easy & straightforward

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