Spark was one of the massed sing pieces commissioned for Sea Sound Sing Festival 2002. Twelve local choirs took part in an outdoor concert as part of the Streets of Brighton Festival. It’s an elemental kinda thing… This song is often sung as part of my song cycle The Four Directions, as it combines as the elements and their cardinal points!

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Song information

  • Technical:Funky, laid back 4:4. Sing with a swing. Section A is polyphonic and Section B is homophonic, with an 'Aah segue' that links one to the other. Section A is quite straightforward and pick-upable - it has a spot of counting in to concentrate on in the higher parts.
  • In the package:5 audio files and 2 PDF files.
  • Genre:Songs from the Hearth, Songs of Reflection
  • Mood:Bluesy, Reflective

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