The Revolution Will be Harmonised, 2019 – Composer

I created this song collection for the far-flung choral community – and beyond! These songs explore several facets of revolutionary thought, as interpreted poetically and creatively, through archetypal themes; of equality, of ecology, of justice and respect, of personal reflective space and raw communal power.

Inspiration is an eclectic business and I have taken mine from a wealth of sources – from the more declamatory romanticism of Shelley and Blake to the raw uncompromising presence of the #SayHerName movement, via the unique creativity of contemporary poets Malcolm Guite and Dorothy Oger, Braggian anecdote, popularised demo chants, dystopian Gilead, C19 New England fervour, First Nation prophesy, and seminal Beat poetry!

These pieces, I hope, are versatile ‘songs of requirement’ that suit both workshops and performances. These songs are not ‘demo ready’ – they take time to weave together. As complete pieces, they are designed for communities who sing regularly together; and provide a hearty choral challenge for singers who are perhaps performance based.

The production of the songbook was part-funded by a grant from the Lipman-Milliband Trust.