Harmony Workshops at Wickham Festival with Naomi Bedford & Paul Simmons

Summer 2014, I ran a fantastic project called Daily Choir at the very wonderful Wickham Festival. With the support of Festival Boss Peter Chegwyn, we put together an exciting collaboration with Brighton Radi-Belle Naomi Bedford and her folk rock legend comrade Paul Simmonds. Working in cahoots with Naomi, we decided on a few of her songs for me to arrange into glorious harmony for the Wickham warblers, and I got to work. The Daily Choir was a roaring success – we had three sessions with about 40 festival going singers, learning the songs ‘Raise these sails’ and ‘Gypsy Davy’ – both songs on Naomi’s new album ‘A History of Insolence’.

The Daily Choir then joined forces with Naomi and Paul for a small but perfectly formed gig to kick start the last day’s music at Wickham. Great fun!

I have been invited back to run Daily Choir next year, so if you are heading to Wickham – see you there!

This is what the Daily Choirs singers said:

“Magical teacher in Kirsty – don’t know how you managed to get such a ‘wow’ sound!”

“Really nice sound – you did so well!”

“Fantastic time, what a wonderful experience.”

“A must at every festival, surely. Fantastic teacher – thank you”

Naomi, Paul and I are making plans to work together next year – more details coming soon!

Naomi’s current album ‘A History of Insolence’ is storming the folk and Americana charts at the moment and you can check her out here: http://www.naomibedford.co.uk and you can of course catch up with the incredible body of work from The Men They Couldn’t Hang here: http://www.tmtch.net