Poetry Army Tour – Choral Director

I was invited to join the Poetry Army as its Choral Director, bringing in choirs from across the UK, including Sheffield Socialist Choir and Red Leicester Choir.
Written by Heathcote Williams Poetry Can F**k Off was a celebration of the power of poetry, the voice it can lend to people facing injustice and oppression. It highlighted the works of poets and orators from Emily Dickinson to Gil Scott-Heron, Gandi to Pussie Riot. My part in the celebrations was to direct the choirs who performed Leon Rosselson’s arrangement of James Oppenheim’s poem Bread and Roses.

Click here for a review of the Brighton performance.

See below for the Poetry Army Trailer.


Harmony Workshops at Wickham Festival with Naomi Bedford & Paul Simmons

Summer 2014, I ran a fantastic project called Daily Choir at the very wonderful Wickham Festival. With the support of Festival Boss Peter Chegwyn, we put together an exciting collaboration with Brighton Radi-Belle Naomi Bedford and her folk rock legend comrade Paul Simmonds. Working in cahoots with Naomi, we decided on a few of her songs for me to arrange into glorious harmony for the Wickham warblers, and I got to work. The Daily Choir was a roaring success – we had three sessions with about 40 festival going singers, learning the songs ‘Raise these sails’ and ‘Gypsy Davy’ – both songs on Naomi’s new album ‘A History of Insolence’.

The Daily Choir then joined forces with Naomi and Paul for a small but perfectly formed gig to kick start the last day’s music at Wickham. Great fun!

I have been invited back to run Daily Choir next year, so if you are heading to Wickham – see you there!

This is what the Daily Choirs singers said:

“Magical teacher in Kirsty – don’t know how you managed to get such a ‘wow’ sound!”

“Really nice sound – you did so well!”

“Fantastic time, what a wonderful experience.”

“A must at every festival, surely. Fantastic teacher – thank you”

Naomi, Paul and I are making plans to work together next year – more details coming soon!

Naomi’s current album ‘A History of Insolence’ is storming the folk and Americana charts at the moment and you can check her out here: http://www.naomibedford.co.uk and you can of course catch up with the incredible body of work from The Men They Couldn’t Hang here: http://www.tmtch.net