Act of Revolution

This song was commissioned by Walcot Community Choir, in Bath, many moons ago – it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship! They requested a song about ‘positive ageing’ – I got the words of the intro / outro from Das Energy by Paul Williams. The song ended up having a slow, reflective dub-vibe.

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Song information

  • Technical:Very slow. dub-style 4:4, Homophonic close harmony intro, followed by polyphonic vocal percussion underscoring leading lines, which are shared around the choir. This song is great for working on subtle backing rhythm parts under a lead line. Ends with the intro as outro. This song seems to work particularly well with teenage groups.
  • In the package:5 audio files and 2 PDF files.
  • Genre:Songs for Change, Songs for Solidarity
  • Mood:Funky, Powerful, Reflective
  • Level:Fairly easy with different levels

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