This is one of my happiest songs to date! I describe Shine as 21st Century blues. I wrote this song after a friend, who had gone an amazingly exciting global adventure, wrote me a postcard with only the words ‘Shine – without explanation’ on it. She never did explain.

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Song information

  • Technical:Upbeat, laid back, funky 4:4. Three harmony parts with a bassline. Blues structure. Middle 8. Polyphonic intro and outro.
    One thing to look out for when teaching the into /outro is that singers, especially in bass, tend not to count in 8 bar 'blues' loops and end up one line ahead, because the last line is same as the first. The line 'life is no rehearsal' always take the longest time to teach!'
  • In the package:5 audio files and 2 PDF files.
  • Genre:Songs of Celebration
  • Mood:Bluesy, Funky, Upbeat
  • Level:Easy & straightforward

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