This song wrote itself on a ‘bright sunshiney day’ in the summer of 2002, when I had ‘a thousand jobs to do’ and no time to stop and smell the roses! It is a song to remind us to dream, no matter how busy we become. (This song is not to be confused with the WarHammer game!)

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Song information

  • Technical:Slow 3:4 time. Section A is more spacious and free with slight polyphony but lots of space, while Section B is full to the brim with words! (To reflect the subject of the song!) Keep Section B quiet and rhythmic, rather than filled with meaning! The coda is nice as a basic for improvisation.
  • In the package:4 audio files and 2 PDF files.
  • Genre:Songs of Reflection
  • Level:Fairly easy with different levels

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